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Saturn in Capricorn in his natal chart reflects his need to do and say the responsible thing, but with Ketu close by, the opposite may also be true. Along these lines, Peterson has referred to his wild youth in interviews. Saturn cycles frequently require some sweat and toil. Ketu adds an element of secrecy alongside Saturn, whether one is working in secret or toiling over a problem in private. In , there was the Cuban missile crisis during the period between April and October, when Cuban and Soviet governments secretly began to build missile bases, bringing the world to the brink of war.

Marilyn Monroe is a good example of an individual struggling with this configuration. A previous client with this conjunction in her birth chart was quite the wild child in her youth and very happy to remain so — that is, until she became the mother of an autistic child who required a lot of care and attention. Although her yearning to be wild has not disappeared, she has now found a way to express this in a more focused and responsible way, to help release her from the pressures she feels.

Without discipline, the conjunction of Saturn and Ketu can challenge us in what can otherwise be a productive outlet. On the one hand, Saturn represents form, structure, and limitation: Limitations are necessary when we face reality. On the other hand, Ketu represents formlessness: who we really are at our core from a spiritual perspective, the part of us that is beyond definition.

Together, Saturn and Ketu can be used to focus on what is truly important, but they could just as easily create confusion as to where our attention should lie. Ketu is seen as the headless part of the serpent in Vedic myth, i. The poisons we dish out must eventually be reabsorbed. But it also brings back the efforts of our hard work. Whatever we have set in motion comes around again. So, it really depends on what you put out. This will likely be expressed in political, social, economic, and environmental tensions throughout the year — a tug of war between what we need to do and our reluctance to do it.

We each go through this struggle in our own way, and more often in private. It challenges us to change now before it is too late, although it is unlikely that any real steps will be taken until Saturn moves into sidereal Capricorn in January One example of this call to change are the more and more extreme weather events forcing the environmental issue to be addressed.

In , this conjunction at least helps us to get where we need to be, even if we are dragged there kicking and screaming! The Saturn—Ketu conjunction could be summed up in two words: do and be.

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Whatever you do, make sure to give yourself time to simply be — to tap into your spiritual essence, beyond all doing as a human being. An ideal life span of years is divided up between the Sun 6 years and Moon 10 years , the North Node 18 years and the South Node 7 years , and the five visible planets: Mercury 17 years , Venus 20 years , Mars 7 years , Jupiter 16 years , and Saturn 19 years.

To learn more and to order your personal reading, visit www. The author is a well-traveled astrology teacher who weaves numerology, the Chinese zodiac, and mystical traditions into his work. Along with overall guidelines for the year, the author includes specific dates for initiating projects, the most significant aspects for each planet for the year, detailed forecasts for each zodiac sign with particularly useful insights on eclipses , and much more.

With all the trade wars and the rise of nationalism, one can only hope that is a piglet year rather than a boar. Astrology is dubbed the mother of sciences. The act of measuring, calculating, and tracking the heavenly bodies helped transform the early stargazers into prototype empirical scientists.

It is believed that the scientific fields of geometry and algebra developed to better understand and predict the cycles of the planets.

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It is not surprising that Kepler, the father of astronomy, was an avid astrologer. But astrology is not only the mother of sciences. I believe that when our hominid ancestors started walking on two legs, their field of vision changed, shifting their focus from the earth to the skies. In addition, due to climate changes, hominid environment morphed from thick jungles where the skies were covered by jungle canopy, into open fields, savannas where the starry skies could be viewed with no obstruction. Our ancestors were exposed to the vastness of space and could bear witness in awe to the movement of the planets through the backdrop of the fixed stars, the constellations.

First there was astrology, then came religion to give ritualistic stories to the movement of the cosmic bodies and the seasons. The Mayans, Aztecs, druids, and ancient Egyptians aligned their pyramids or rock formations in reference to cosmology. In Islam, the Ramadan, a commemoration of the first revelation of the Koran , is celebrated according to the Moon and always falls on the 9th lunar month. Passover is the celebration of equinox which falls on the first Full Moon after the equinox. Easter is celebrated according to an astrological formula: the first Sunday the day of the Sun after the first Full Moon Sun-Moon opposition after the spring equinox the first day of Aries.

Halloween is celebrated during Scorpio, the sign of death. Earth Day is commemorated during Taurus, a fixed earth sign that is associated with Mother Nature. Labor Day in the US is celebrated during Virgo, the sign of work and service. The International Cat Day is celebrated August 8, the 8 of the 8, double happiness, smack in the middle of Leo, the feline sign.

Your birthday, too, is an astrological holiday. It is the day when your natal Sun is conjunct the transiting Sun. It is a day when you are exposed to two Suns. No wonder that on your birthday you are emotional, overly sensitive, and in need of extra attention and gifts.

Astrology is not a fortune-telling art. She was created and still functions as a tool to help us survive. I trace the origin of astrology to a woman or a group of women in our early human evolution that realized the connection between intercourse and pregnancy. There was a period in our evolution when the main cause of death for women was giving birth. There had to be a woman, arguably, the most important scientist in human history, who discovered that intercourse leads to pregnancy and that somehow these two are linked to the menstruation cycles.

Now all she needed was to find a way to trace the cycles and measure them to determine when intercourse will not result in pregnancy. She needed a contraceptive. Looking up at the Moon gave her what she sought, a cosmic clock. This intuitive woman, the first astrologer, managed to find a connection between the Moon cycles and ovulation: as above so below, the birth of astrology.

The wisdom of the stars, astrology, helped us survive as a species and ensured our ability to overcome the death that overshadowed birth. In mid Scorpio, the life-sustaining presence and emotional depth of water is greatly potentized. Aretha Franklin, natal March 25, p. She knew the turbulence of the Scorpio Ascendant in her personal life which she did not like to talk about , and she was sturdy and reserved. She might bend but she would never break. The razor-edged path that can only be tread when there is strength and power enough to do so.

And the Moon, ruler of the 9th house of religion, is in its home sign of Cancer. As Aretha was born at night at the First Quarter, the Moon is gaining in light and the power to manifest. I did not know anything about her personal life, and the commentators I heard after her passing spoke of her dedication to her family she had four sons, the first born when she was She had two sisters who were both singers and songwriters and sometimes her backup singers.

Both preceded her in death. The traditional ruler of Scorpio, Mars, is in Gemini conjunct Jupiter; her dexterous musical gifts are part of her biography. She was from a musical family and learned to play piano by ear as a child. She was also an arranger and recorded her first album when she was It is her voice and the enormous feeling it carried that moved the world. Venus, traditional ruler of the voice, is in Aquarius, square to Saturn in Taurus and in mutual reception. You hear Aretha, but you also lick your lips. Using traditional rulers, Mercury in Pisces is in mutual reception with Jupiter in Gemini and in square aspect, strengthening the capacity of those planets to interact.

Mercury rules the natal 8th house the occult and the 11th house hopes and aspirations — the swift-footed messenger travels naturally in those dimensions. Astrology is a complicated subject that has underlying relationships with other bodies of knowledge, including philosophy. In astrology, you are deriving meaning as to how the movement of planets, stars, and other celestial objects influences your moods, behavior, or destiny.

As a discipline, astrology is deemed philosophical and theoretical in nature, and even though there is no unified paradigm of astrology, many people continue to turn to it as a way to study and discover the universe and its significance in our everyday life. Early philosophers used astrology to help them lay the foundation of ancient branches of knowledge. About Gordon Brennan Gordon Brennan has studied Vedic Astrology for 20 years and is also qualified in Sanskrit, the language in which it was originally written down. He has a post graduate qualification in astrology from India called Jaimini Scholar and also is the committee member of the British Association for Vedic Astrology responsible for education.

Besides teaching to over 30 students in London at Foundation and Intermediate levels, Geoffrey devotes a considerable amount of his time giving lectures to the public aimed at persuading them about the validity of the subject. He is also researching the laws and universal forces behind the astrological rules and principles, as well as the relationship between planetary cycles and the rise and fall of nations and civilisations. She went on to be the President of SJC in Since that time he has studied with many Vedic astrologers worldwide, including Komilla Sutton in recent years.

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