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If you already have a good job you can ask an increase of salary, you can ask a change of duty or you can receive praises and gratifications for the way in which work, for the appointment that you have on the place of job. Many of you will have the possibility to change place, city, to be promoted or to begin a new professional activity for which money will serve and therefore instead that to save you must spend money but for a future that promises, then, a good crop.

However to economic level your portfolio could swell and you can satisfy quite a lot your desires even investing a big sum of money in the purchase of an immovable property in which to go to live with the person that love, with your children or parents. The first three months are fundamental to get professional and economic successes and to progress along your working walk while with the passage of Saturn in quadrature to your sky for few months having departed since April, you must be careful to small economic losses with unexpected expenses that arrive.

Mars behind of you from June it creates an energetic decrease. When two planets as Jupiter and Saturn are positive during many months, the best thing that can happen it is to receive a great opportunity that can last as during the time. A good proposal of job can for instance, come and to be very concrete and lasting or the clients increase in exponential way.

Obviously also the earningses can be substantial but beginning from June you must also devote a lot of time to your health and your physical form because Mars in the twelfth astrological house could create problems with the mind that it loses energies and with your body that can manifest some symptoms to immediately take care of. In short if you work too much you could accumulate a lot of stress and to go out of this situation won't be very simple. If is waiting then for the solution to a legal or bureaucratic problem it can arrive within the end of the year but already within the first three months you could receive good news.

Fortune also to the game but you try to spend little money and not to throw away money hoping in big wins.

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If you love to travel you can also take long trips in the first six months of the year and really during these trips you would be able you know indeed a very interesting and useful person in your job but also a person to be loved because under this sky the great love can come indeed in every moment and during unpredictable situations.

Surely the first part of the year is very positive but also very fatiguing and you will reach the period that has gone since June to December with a very evident tiredness and with many kilos in less, therefore periods of rest are essential to recover energies psicofisiche. Work and money. Luck and fitness. Aries: this year can be enough complicated for you as it regards the health and the few energies that it needs to know how to manage after June and up to end year.

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As it regards the job your professional life unfortunately it doesn't proceed as you want and you also have to face small difficulties in love. Taurus: excellent year indeed for you in love but also to professional level with good opportunities to earn but above all to show your true qualities. And meanwhile also the love can bring so many emotions to live and small gratifications in family. New job very interesting.

Gemini: unfortunately this period is not excellent for you in the job but enough monotonous with little novelties. If you have a job not left the old road for that new and also in love tried to reinvigorate the sentimental relationship with the partner and the second part of the year it will be useful to do this. Cancer: unfortunately the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn to your ascendancy it doesn't favor a working and sentimental progress but above all to economic level you must be very careful and you don't absolutely have to uselessly waste money hoping to improve your economic situation.

Quarrels in love and possible separations. Leo: the second part of the year is very best for you with Mars that offers numerous energies and it allows to live an extremely interesting period as it regards the job. Good professional opportunities toward the first part of the year but the best progress arrive after the month of June.

Love full of eroticism. Virgo: during the first part of this year it needs to be very careful not to waste your energies because the job will be very gratifying but also very hard to bring before and tiredness will be a lot of. You try to recover energies and you also try to put aside money for the various sentimental projects.

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Libra: unfortunately it doesn't need to exaggerate with the expenses during this period and it doesn't need to be particularly quarrelsome on the job and in love. Unfortunately Jupiter and Saturn with their quadrature don't absolutely favor some professional and sentimental choices and the best thing it is to stay firm to wait. Scorpio: beautiful period for you with Jupiter and Saturn that promise to bring above all good professional occasions and so many earningses those people who have the strength to react and to dare without being afraid creating new projects.

Also the love can be very gratifying with a marriage or the arrival of a child. Sagittarius: Jupiter and Saturn in the second astrological house in comparison to the ascending zodiacale, promise a good physical energy, a recovery after an illness and so many new possibilities to economic level. From June energies increase and also the level of erotic position that promises very fiery nights. Capricorn: excellent period as it regards the job. Beautiful situation to astrological level also as it regards the love that promises above all interesting meetings for the solitary hearts.

It needs to watch out a lot of to your body and the mind but from June the energies they will be excellent.


Favorable opportunity in the job and good meetings in love. Pisces: certainly Jupiter and Saturn help for recovering physical layer energies and you can go out of a very difficult period that you have lived for so many months. Now you can also live quietly to working level with good possibilities of progress to economic level. The general weekly Taurus horoscope covers it all. As always Taurus, weekly zodiac predictions for all signs can be found on one page.

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