November 19 scorpio horoscope

The November 19th horoscope predicts that you guard your emotions and are cautious about letting people into your lives.

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Your friends say that you have a way of sending out signals that most people take as being unapproachable. Because of this, you do not have a lot of friends. If today is your birthday, you find it hard to let people into your life. You only have a few close friends, and you tend to worry if you are too dependent on them.

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November 19 birthday people are extremely cautious about letting themselves rely too heavily on a lover or mate. Although you like being by yourself, you can isolate yourself, and this could have an adverse reaction to your relationships. On the other hand, you like to date. Having someone around to be a sounding board has its advantages. A November 19 Scorpio in love is generally one who fell in love quickly. It does not take much for you to get emotionally involved. You are especially attracted to people who have a way with words. However, this can be disappointing as you are likely to get hurt more times than not.


You can be extremely jealous and sometimes without reason. This is not a good look for you, Scorpio. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! The November 19 birthday personality look for love and marriage mainly because they want to have a large family. When you were small, it was likely a turbulent time for you. This could make parenting difficult because of this. You may have a tendency to relive the past and make decisions based on how you were treated as a child.

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Keeping fit comes easy for you as you like to look as good as you feel. You lack some sort of inner kind of need. You then try to project this out in the form of confidence. For the most part it may be true, but sometimes, you come across people that will call you out.

Once challenged, you start to doubt yourself and you can easily slip into an emotional downward spiral. Water is your native element. It is inherently emotional. While you do project a lot of strength as far as surface appearances go, deep down inside, however, you can be quite an emotional wreck. Most often than not, a lot of the confidence that you project to the outside world is actually just a form of compensation. You are actually feeling insecure inside, and to counteract this, you project confidence and toughness.

The tension between a deep and profound sense of insecurity and an outward show of confidence and strength is quite mysterious.

You should avoid blurting out your observations. Make sure you take the time to know people a little bit better. Try not to jump into too much conclusions. Also learn to love yourself more. You will realize that once you fully accept yourself, you really have nothing to apologize for. The lucky color for those born under this day is olive green. This color emanates ambition, positivity, and interesting kind of forcefulness. If you were born a Scorpio on 19th November, you share a birthday with Adam Driver — and likely also his strong, sharp features and piercing dark stare.

Adam Driver is an actor who, after a series of indie roles and a few more low key film appearances, made it big in Hollywood by appearing in the Star Wars movie franchise as the dastardly Kylo Ren. That character is much the Scorpio archetype himself — mysterious, fearsome of temper and urgent to attain his goals at any cost. Yet Driver himself brings an intensity and emotional depth to the character that makes him far more than simply a copy of Darth Vader before him. Your astrological chart indicates that you are keen to take care of your health.

We advise that you pay closer attention to the health of your bladder, genital organs, and arteries. As a rule, Scorpios are susceptible to injuries in these parts of their bodies. You are among some of the most enigmatic lovers in the entire zodiac spectrum. This personality trait does serve you well in most of the cases. For example, those you are involved with rarely understand your moves. They cannot predict what you plan to do. As such, you always manage to retain the element of surprise.

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This is a big boost in any relationship. It creates an aura of suspense, providing the relationship with the thrill it needs to thrive. Nonetheless, do not allow yourself to be too mysterious as to be understood. You see, your lover does not take it kindly when they are always left in the dark. Let them in on the broader plans occasionally. This will help avert any feelings of suspicion and mistrust on your part.

You are a firm believer in well-grounded love. For this reason, you can do well to develop your romantic relationship from your platonic liaisons. Learn to cultivate and nurture the friendship with your potential partner before you indulge them in romantic adventures.

This way, your relationship will have very high chances of success.

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Interestingly, the more active Scorpio never seems to have much patience when it comes to matters of the heart. You dislike having to wait for long to declare your undying love to a new partner. You believe in love at first sight. This lifestyle does provide you with some level of thrill.

It comes with some glaring pitfalls. For example, you are likely to suffer much heartbreak in the course of your lifetime.

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This may not augur well with your desire for good health. We strongly advise that you take measures to avoid such eventualities. This is someone born under the Cancer, Taurus, and Pisces zodiac signs. You are highly compatible with these zodiacs. The planetary alignment strongly warns against your romantic liaison with a Libra. You are opposed with these natives in the more important things in life. As such, your relationship would not last.

We strongly advise against it! November 19 zodiac people are well known for their caring and loving traits. You have enough kindness to spread around. Being mysterious, not many people understand your motivations. However, this does not stop you from reaching out and helping those who deserve it.