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It brings stability to the dynamic changes the year has presented thus far.

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This month, you can expect increased responsibility, recognition and perhaps even a raise or promotion. All in all, however this month shifts your overall focus to your relationships with family and friends. You share greater closeness with loved ones now, and may find yourself giving and receiving comfort and advice. Loyalty and trust are fundamental to your well being this month. If you are unwilling to trust or you abuse the trust of someone else, you could experience the break-up of a relationship.

Sharing your feelings is vital now. On the romance front, if you're single, a new and lasting romance is possible now. If you already have a relationship, however, this is the time to commit.

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All affairs of the heart are positively highlighted this month, and health problems should take a turn for the better as well. This is a month to distance yourself from the affairs and troubles of other people. During the course of this year you have been asked to help, counsel and advise others many times. Now, it's time to allow yourself a break. Spend time alone for contemplation and meditation.

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Study and reading are also favorable now. Unfortunately your workload does not decrease now, but much of it is routine and allows you to mentally drift. Still, your mind is sharp and you can easily concentrate when you want to. Inner healing takes place this month. Old wounds may be reopened and you may feel some sadness and nostalgia, but the healing is real and necessary.

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This is a time of spiritual growth. Postpone decisions regarding financial affairs, if possible, until next month. Matters of the heart are also a low priority this October. You are not very clear now, and would probably rather not be bothered with romance anyway. It's very important to emphasize your personal well-being now too -- diet, exercise and go for walks.

Don't distract yourself from soul searching by watching television or taking part in other mind-numbing practices. In many ways, your experiences this month will set the tone and direction for next year. It brings reward and recognition, and is likely a very good month for all matters related to career, business and finances.

You reap the rewards of what you sowed in the past seven years now, though next year offers even greater rewards than this month does. This month represents a small-scale sample of what the whole next year will bring, so think of this month as a sneak peek at what's to come. The 8 cycle is a rewarding time, but there are two important sides to the way it is delivered. On one hand, it is directly proportionate to the effort you have put out in the past.


On the other, you receive exactly what you need to continue on your path. For that reason, you would do well keeping a close eye on your finances, especially to protect yourself from any shortfalls next year. Financial gain is much more common this month and in the 8 Personal Year, next year. In any case, this is a time to be aggressive in all matters relating to career and finances. It marks the beginning of the end of a certain era in your life. Now you begin to let go of certain expectations you have long held. You may experience a feeling of emptiness, and of "now what?

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  7. The changes you're contemplating now involve both your personal and professional life. For these reasons, October could become an emotional time. Some melodrama and role-playing is actually a subconscious way for you to test the people around you, and the depth of their commitment. You are also testing your own position toward people, your career, environment, spiritual beliefs and other aspects of your life.

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    You have, even if you are not aware of it, already begun the process of selecting what you want to remain in your life and what you want to discard. This process, which will continue through different stages over the next two years, is natural, and nothing to be afraid of. You are entering a period of reawakening. This means letting go of some of the comfort and security that surrounded and protected you for many years.

    Start giving some of your energy to a good cause that benefits others.

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    Ultimately, it will benefit you. It takes the spotlight of your doubts and questions, and gives you strength and confidence. This October, practical matters can be handled with ease. It is much better to pay off debts than to incur new ones -- in all areas, completion is favored over new starts. It is a time to tie up loose ends, not to begin new projects. It is a time to clean up and prepare for new things coming into your life. You are not in the right mood to pay much attention to romance or personal relationships of any kind at this time, unless it's to test the strength of the relationship.

    You may be a little judgmental and self-righteous though, so you may need to guard yourself against this sort of thing. It is a month of new beginnings, new people and renewed energy. While most of this year has felt like the end of a long day of hard work, with low energy and a desire to put your feet up, this October feels like you've just had cup of coffee. You're ready to get started, to roll up your sleeves and tackle whatever project is in front of you. It pointed out how to work to your strengths and how to combat your weaknesses and turn them into strengths too.

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